IDS - Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz


Pro Instanz muss ein Solr Core erstellt werden

Für die globale Instanz ist ein zusätzlicher Core schon angelegt.


/exlibris/sfx_ver/app/apache-solr-3.5.0/sfx/solr/solr.xml enthält alle Cores

Cron RSI Index aktualisieren

Zitat EL:


1. First one should be set up using ‘incremental only’ option – once a day – or on another frequent schedule – can be set up to run during the day since the incremental build will not harm SFX performance and should be fast

2. Second one should be set up using ‘incremental unless complete is required’ – at night  - should not be scheduled during the day because complete build may impact SFX performance - at a less frequent schedule – can be nightly or a few times a week or even weekly – depending on estimated nr of changes in activation information 


Alternatively – a customer can skip setting up the first one – and set up  the second one only – if there are few changes expected in activation information for books – and it is OK to not have the activation changes reflected right away in your ebook search and RSI monographs.

Zweiter Vorschlag ist im Moment im Einsatz.

Beispiel Cron

00 02 * * * /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/sfx_basel41/admin/aztools/run_az_and_rsi.cron  --build_type=i --object_type=m

Tracking Table

Tracking Table Cleanup 1x Woche

und als Cron hinterlegt

0 1 * * 00 /exlibris/sfx_ver/sfx4_1/sfxglb41/admin/database/clean_tracking/clean_tracking_table.cron

Anzahl der erfassten ebooks

als sfxglb41 user

perl admin/diagnostics/

modrewrite Anpassungen

local_httpd.conf jeder Instanz
RewriteRule ^/sfx_ilu-([^/]+)/azlist$ /sfx_ilu41/azlist/$1 [PT,E=__INST_URL_PART:-$1]
RewriteRule ^/sfx_ilu-([^/]+)/(.*)$ /sfx_ilu41/$2 [PT,E=__INST_URL_PART:-$1]
# For the azlist script redirect
RewriteRule ^/sfx_ilu(-[^/]+)?/azbook(.*) /sfx_ilu41/az$2?param_perform_value=ebook [QSA,PT,E=__INST_URL_PART:$1]

In jeder Instanz, die ebooks einsetzt, in der local_httpd.conf einsetzen. Und sfx_ilu analog zum Instanznamen anpassen.